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Knife Launcher is a game that allows you to throw knives to free innocent fruits, or to hit monsters and zombies. Watch the zombies go from smiling to frowning as you hit them with your knives. Collect acorns to buy knives and watch an ad to get a new life.
Share your results with friends through social media and watch your level rise in the top twenty players list per country.

This game is designed as a pass time for people of all ages and for their enjoyment. The design is arcade based and the goal is to hit the revolving image with a knife such that the knife does not hit a previously launched knife nor the diamonds that can be sometimes found there. Hitting acorns yields a higher score as well as watching rewarded advertisements.

• Simple game, no instructions needed as one click launches a knife towards the target.
• Knives can be hit at a fast pace or slow.
• The target reacts to the hits as it changes it's reaction in surprising jumps with some reactions that are quite funny.


Knife Launcher-release.apk 26 MB

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